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Natural gas sourcing represents major task of energy supply chain, but given that natural gas reserves are abundant it is predestined to increase its global share as a long-term key energy resource with huge further exploration and production potential, incl. exploration of less conventional forms of natural gas deposits.

Compared to crude oil deposits, proven, probable and prospective reserves of natural gas can satisfy growing energy needs of global consumers for much longer period (estimates of at least 120 years adjusted for predictable growth rate) with lower environmental toll.

Gasfin has sophisticated network of relationships in several key natural gas production regions, comprising early access to exploration and production undertakings with aim to build successful operational models with strategic partners.

In addition to conventional methods, newer technologies related to hydraulic fracturing (gas from shale) or CBM extracting substantially strengthen the potentials of natural gas industries in XXI century.

In current realities, conventional methods are still economically the most feasible with economy of scale that provides edge for multiple synergies between producers and consumers.

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