Larger portion of produced natural gas worldwide is traditionally transported to consumers by gas pipelines.  LNG delivery chain (liquefaction, shipping, and re-gasification) took place initially due to lack of technologies of deep water submarine pipelining or because of substantial distances between producers and markets. 

Gasfin Group with their subsidiaries and affiliations provides necessary support for realiztion of mid-scale and small-scale projects on both sides of LNG eco-system.

LNG as transportation fuel is preferred option for environmentally acceptable marine applications, as well as, trucks with mltiple benefits for endusers.

Gasfin has sophisticated network of relationships in several key natural gas production regions, comprising early access to exploration and production undertakings with aim to build successful operational models with strategic partners.

Production & Storages

Gasfin provides development and optimized custom-tailored solutions for continental, coastal and marine LNG projects. Starting from liquefaction and cryogenic storages to regasification at market destination. Both onshore and offshoe solutions, depending on geography and availability of sites.


A major component of natural gas economics is a mid-stream sector, determined chiefly by logistics objectives and constraints. Key logistics components are regional and inter-state pipeline systems, LNG sea and road tankers, multimodal cryogenic containers, storages, import/export terminals and hubs.


New horizons opened for small-scale applications of LNG in short range local fuels supply and distribution services or fuel replacements for fleet vehicles and vessels, liquefaction of methane from various sources like associated petroleum gases, landfill and biomass gases.